This is a diary of the manufacture, begun in August 2014, of a series of baseball cap motifs produced in leaded glass.

In this first picture, underneath the first cut pieces, you can see the developed cartoon showing the various cap segments to be cut from the glass for each of the four baseball cap orientations.

As shown below, each segment of glass that is needed to make up the finished item was scored with the glass cutting tool; following the lines of the cartoon; then either pressed or tapped to remove it from the master sheet of glass. The order of cutting out varies from item to item. In this case, the peak of the cap was the first piece of glass cut out from the master sheet of glass.

Then the cut segments had adhesive copper foil attached to them to enable solder to be applied as the bonding agent.

It is important that the copper foil is well attached and smoothed onto the segments ready to receive the solder. A Fid (shown below) is the tool used to achieve this.

Here, below, are all of the glass segments foiled with their foiling smoothed.

The segments are placed together and checked for potential problems ready for soldering.