Plant hunter: the joy of discovery

The painting below was also painted on the 12th of July 2014. This painting is called plant hunter: the joy of discovery. Also painted in acrylics and gouache on a 30cm x 30cm cotton canvas. The version displayed here has now been enhanced. The final, enhanced picture will be displayed soon.

The original attempt at representing the flower left the desire to have it be completely unique. A flower that our plant hunter would indeed find it a joy to discover.  

Then came the consideration that the picture could be edited to place the plant hunter high up in the tree canopy instead of, as now, appearing to have fought his way through what appears to be a lush and verdant valley. The change could be brought about by suggesting that the trees are rooted way down below adjacent to the blue area. This blue area would then represent water, a lake or river, way down below the tall tree tops where our intrepid hunter would then appear to be.This would add to the viewer's impression of the plant as being exotic. Phase three, then, is on its way.